Sound Impressions

It's a fast paced world and you only get one chance to make a first impression...

To make your Sound Impression, send 2 copies of your CD or DVD to:
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There are no guarantees that all submitted CDs or DVDs will be reviewed.

Wanna Feel Somethin' - Independent
Mary Bridget Davies
You know what we like? We like CD's that hit you strong and hard right from the opening bars of the first track. And that's exactly what this CD does. Ms. Davies hits the ground running with powerful vocals and a superb backing band. And guess what? It gets better! The second tune explodes with intensity and fire and is sure to get your mojo workin'. They do slow things down on the third track, but by then, you're ready for a bit of R n' R. Even so, the third track, "Same Ol' Blues," is superbly executed and will grip you till the end.
The entire collection of mostly original tunes is well arranged and provides a solid platform for the band and Ms. Davies stunning vocals. This is the band's debut release, but they perform like a group of well seasoned veterans. Have a listen.

Where I'm Coming From... - Tastee Tone
Dave Keller
The objective of this CD was to create an album of "soul covers." May I say that the results are glorious! Seems like there is too little of this music being recorded and performed in today's market. But to listen to it brings back memories and feelings that are seldom captured by far too many of today's artists. The music is smooth, seductive, full of feeling, and yes, soulful. Dave Keller does a masterful job of singing and performing these classic soul tunes. And the band, The Revelations, absolutely nail it. Kudos to Dave Keller, The Revelations, and a host of additional musicians that brought life to this wonderful selection of pleasing and powerful tunes. And thanks to all the artists that inspired, pioneered and performed the originals.
You got soul!
Congratulations - Painted Rock Records
Amy Hart
We enjoyed this CD - a lot. Ms. Hart displays a confident, commanding vocal style which superbly complements the well arranged songs on this well produced CD. Superb performances by the killer backing band really bring the songs to life. And what songs. Amy Hart has authored 10 lively, upbeat, catchy tunes that captivated our hearts and ears for the entire sonic thrill ride of the CD. Good stuff.

The Big Show - Houndog Records
Papa J and Friends
This is a great CD chock full of Blues standards performed with energy and enthusiasm. "Checkin Up On My Baby," "Further On Up the Road," "Laundromat Blues" and other classics reverberate with authenticity and yet come alive with superb treatments by Papa J, Blues Gone South, The Flames and Lance Dieckmann.
There's tons of spot on guitar and harp, as well as great vocals by Papa J and Michelle Cole. It's great to hear these tunes performed as they should be - by musicians whom obviously respect the genre and are clearly enjoying the performance. Kudos for a job well done.

The Mighty Mojo Prophets - Rip Cat
The Mighty Mojo Prophets
This self titled first release from The Mighty Mojo Prophets is testament to the fact that the Blues is alive and well in Southern California - not only well, but vibrant. The songs capture the essence of the great Blues tunes and bands of yesteryear, but amazingly, most of the tunes are original. This speaks well of the band's talent and devotion to the genre. The vocals are smooth, yet authoritative, and the guitar is as slick, spot on, and authentic as it gets. It's a pleasure to listen to young musicians that are honoring the genre and pushing it forward with energy and enthusiasm.
We thorouhly enjoyed The Mighty Mojo Prophets.
Grab this CD.
Groove - Big Whale Artists
The Johnny Childs Band
This CD is totally refreshing! Simple instrumentation and production coupled with Johnny Childs unique phrasing are a winning combination. Seldom have we heard an artist so firmly rooted in the genre yet so riding on the edge of inventive and creative twists within. Songs like "Don't Quit The Man" explode with energy and swing relentlessly - and all the while Johnny's phrasing explores undiscovered sonic and rhythmic terrain. Riffs like that on "I'm A Ram" burrow into your consciousness and won't let go - but oh, so tasty!
For tone, touch, technique and fun factor, dial in this CD and your entertainment and listening pleasure is assured. Highly recommended.
Holler and Stomp - Blind Pig Records
The Cash Box Kings
What a fantastic record! From the opening bars of Holler & Stomp we were immediately struck by the authenticity and spirit of the tunes, and the recordings thereof. The liner notes indicate that the tracks were recorded on vintage equipment - and that explains a lot of why we felt we were back in time listening to original recordings from the 40s and 50s (without the snap, crackle & pop of the vinyl). The spirit and musicianship is equally up to the task of transporting us to a simpler time and place - full of joy and foot tapping goodness. I defy anyone to listen to "Hayseed Strut" and not smile, stomp their feet and have a generally good time.
The CD is filled with a combination of originals and covers, including an early number by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and another by Muddy Waters. There's even a great countrified blues number by Hank Williams Sr. Good stuff all around. Plenty of Honky Tonk and Barrelhouse goin' on here.
For a spirited and joyful trip down memory lane, spin this disc soon.
False Profits, Love & Border Towns - HarveyCMusic
Harvey Charles
How would we characterize this CD? The performances are low key, and the songs are minimally produced. Harvey Charles has written and performed a collection of introspective tunes that portray a slice of life. Perhaps his own, but certainly a part of every one.
The thing that strikes us the most is the unique and clever guitar styling's on all of the tunes. For us, that is what makes the CD stand out. Harvey's voice is calm and restrained, but the guitar parts leap out of each track and make the CD a joy to listen to.
So if you're looking for an energetic electric Blues CD filled with burning solos and churning rhythms, look elsewhere. But if your intent is to sit back, relax and enjoy a subtle journey following an artists muse, then give this CD a spin.

Overclocked - Sandy Key Music
Jim Allchin
No wonder they entitled this CD "Overclocked."
The high octane fretboard excursions of Jim Allchin are pushing the tachometer of his Stratocaster into the red and beyond. The CD's all original tunes provide a satisfying backdrop to his powerfully potent rhythmic and lead chops. (We couldn't help but think that if Eddie Van Halen had played the Blues he would've sounded like Jim Allchin.) But we can also discern Albert King on the slow blues, "One for the Money."
Transition to track 6, "Fall," where the guitar displays the more sensitive emotions of Mr. Allchin's exploratory musical wanderings...and on to the opening harmonics of "Mr. Unknown..."
I guess there's a bit of everything here. From monster Blues guitar with massive tones to the purity and openness of a clean sounding Stratocaster in the hands of a master.
Try this one on for size.


Voodoo Workin' - Blue Edge Records
Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires
featuring James "Rock" Gray
This CD brings back memories of a simpler time, when music was unprocessed, pure and joyful to listen to. James Gray's vocals are perfect for this journey down memory lane. They fit the uncluttered music to a "T," and work well with the equally sparse but spot on guitar work of Steve Gerard. Doug James also brings feelings reminiscent of a 50s' sock hop to the mix - all in a good way. In short, the tones, the textures and the talented performers all combine perfectly to produce a timeless and thoroughly enjoyable CD.
Check it out.